The Wedding Shoppe
The Wedding Shoppe
The Wedding Shoppe

Project Description

The Wedding Shoppe is an online retailer that sells bridal gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses and other wedding apparel. Their web business had slowly grown internally with SEO efforts; however, there were many questions that could not be answered from their web analytics data alone, e.g. how many people were purchasing? How long did it take visitors to convert? Which channels were affecting sales?

In order to answer the questions, SMCpros created an analytics framework to capture more detailed data from their website. E-commerce analytics allowed us to see product performance and revenue, as well as, which channels were producing results. Setting up event level data enabled us to analyze additional clicks within pages; while goal setup allowed us to measure key metrics and helped us analyze performance.

Using the data from their newly created analytics system, The Wedding Shoppe was able to pinpoint conversions and understand the true results that were coming from the various channels. The analytics framework that was created is still being used to drive decision-making and optimize performance.


Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. Here are the results for this campaign:

Client: The Wedding Shoppe
Format: Search Engine Optimization & Analytics Insights
• Updated Google Analytics
• Implemented new reporting system