Standard Heating & A/C
Standard Heating & A/C
Standard Heating & A/C

Project Description

Standard Heating & A/C is one of the oldest heating, air conditioning and ventilation service providers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota metro. While this key player has been well known for their services since 1930, the growth of new competitors to the area has created an increasing obstacle for Standard to keep their high share of voice and expand on their customer base. Looking to rebuild their place in the market, Standard Heating & A/C reached out to SMCpros to build an all-inclusive search marketing and search engine optimization strategy that would bring new energy and enthusiasm to their brand.

In order to understand the market Standard Heating & A/C is competing in, SMCpros completed a comprehensive research evaluation. Through this, SMCpros was able to identify current marketing strategies used by local competitors, discover strategies used in distant competitive markets, and pinpoint the individual strengths of Standard Heating & A/C to build their marketing strategy around.

SMCpros also utilized a variety of SEO tools to help build the Standard Heating & A/C website. With these tools, SMCpros was able to target keywords that Standard Heating & A/C’s desire to rank higher for in organic search rankings, as well as build on the strength of their new website, considering the changes of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm.

In two months time, SMCpros was able to obtain a solid foundation of knowledge of Standard Heating & Air’s marketing needs, target market search behaviors, as well as areas of opportunity to build their brand name on. While being able to drive 28% more organic traffic to Looking at paid traffic, visitors increased by over 29% with a bounce rate that fell below 10%. All of this resulted in total conversions increasing by over 325% year-over-year. With improvements to the sites SEO, SMCpros was also able to boost Standard Heating & Air’s rankings in the areas of “replacement”, “installation”, and “new” equipment in organic search results.


Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. Here are the results for this campaign:

Client: Standard Heating & A/C
Format: Gaining Share of Voice through SEM + SEO
• Increased traffic by 29%
• Reduction of bounce rate by 10%
• Conversion rate increased by 325%