Standard Heating & A/C
Standard Heating & A/C
Standard Heating & A/C

Project Description

In April of 2016, SMCpros was tasked with turning around a Google and Bing AdWords campaign for one of the largest heating and air conditioning companies in the Twin Cities. The goal was to reach a 100+% return on ad spend, or receive $2 back for every $1 invested in advertising. In April 2015, they were seeing a negative ROI and at the height of 2015, received a $.94 return on every dollar spent in advertising. This process started with an in-depth analysis of keywords, negative keywords, site link extensions, and performance.

After the proper analyses were conducted to pinpoint weaknesses, opportunities, and ways to adjust to improve performance, SMCpros created a plan to overhaul the entire campaign. This plan was complete with dynamic vs static custom bidding, and an a/b testing plan for call-to-actions, text, and keywords.

The adjustments made to the account had a drastic impact right away and after 7 months of advertising, SMCpros saw a 14.92 percent conversion rate, and $3.35 return on ad spend. This was much better than the goal of $2 ROAS.


Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. Here are the results for this campaign:

Client: Standard Heating & A/C
Format: Gaining Share of Voice through SEM + SEO

  • cut cost per lead by 2/3
  • over doubled the conversion rate to 14.92 percent
  • 3.35 ROAS