Skolnick & Joyce
Skolnick & Joyce
Skolnick & Joyce

Project Description

Skolnick & Joyce P.A. is a legal practice that specializes in Family Law, Divorce, and Business Litigation. They partnered with SMCpros to prove that a harasser using Twitter aimed at someone with a restraining order was in violation of said order. SMCpros began conducting research on the details of the case and how social media interactions constitute contact in regard to violations of a Harassment Restraining Order.

SMCpros created a presentation and testimony that explained the mechanics of Twitter mentions, search engine optimization, and their affirmation of the Petitioner’s case.

CEO Tyler Olson was brought in as an expert witness to provide the testimony on social media for County District Court Referee Richard Trachy. The Petitioner ended up winning the case.


Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. Here are the results for this campaign:

Client: Skolnick & Joyce P.A.
Format: Social Audit, Development, & Consultation
• Petitioner won the case
• 20-year HRO (Harassment Restraining Order)