Harbinger Partners
Harbinger Partners
Harbinger Partners

Project Description

Harbinger Partners, Inc. provides high quality technology consulting, contract-to-hire, and permanent placements to businesses in and around the St. Paul/Minneapolis, Omaha, and Dallas areas. Harbinger Partners enlisted SMCpros to use their social channels to get back in contact with past candidates. Our process started with an Audience and Database Analysis to determine the best channels to utilize.

After confirming that we would have the best chance for success on LinkedIn and Facebook, we created an Advertising Plan and LinkedIn Outreach Plan to attempt to reconnect with candidates both paid and organically. This campaign was initially set to last 3.5 months.

We saw varying success on both the organic LinkedIn Outreach approach and paid approach, but the organic tactics produced an extremely attractive response and conversion rate. Conversions here were individuals that agreed to speak to Harbinger Partners HR department about current job openings. The initial 3.5 month campaign was extended to further capitalize on results.


Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. Here are the results for this campaign:

Client: Harbinger Partners
Format: LinkedIn Outreach, Social Recruiting

  • 35 percent response rate
  • 71 percent organic conversion rate
  • 83,441 impressions
  • 40 Total Conversions