Project Description

GoMoji is a brand of emoji bean bag chairs manufactured and distributed by Ace Casual Furniture. They teamed up Kick who tapped SMCpros for support in generating as much awareness and buzz as possible during the month and a half they were to be in Walmart stores. SMCpros role was to build momentum on their “GoMoji” Facebook page to generate buzz and awareness, ultimately leading to sales.

SMCpros implemented the overall strategy developed by Kick to take a brand with no social presence and quickly build a channel to lead users in store to the website to purchase.

The campaign greatly surpassed expectations, generating 17,084 page likes and 1.4 million impressions in 44 days. Walmart picked up GoMoji products after the short run based on sales during the 44 day window.


Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. Here are the results for this campaign:

Client: GoMoji
Format: Product Awareness, Social Campaign, & Audience Generation
• 1,400,000 Impressions
• 0 – 17,084 Page Likes
• 78,000 Users Engaged with Page
• 16% Engagement Rate