Famous Daves
Famous Daves
Famous Daves

Project Description

In 2010, Famous Dave’s reached out to SMCpros to help launch two new wing sauces and a new wing type. SMCpros worked with The Driven Group, a full-service marketing agency, to design the “Wing Wars” marketing campaign. Famous Dave’s objectives were to receive and monitor feedback during the introduction of the new sauces and wing type, while increasing their average per-person ticket price.

SMCpros led the social media marketing efforts, in collaboration with The Driven Group’s traditional marketing efforts. SMCpros engineered a complete social media strategy that included a custom Facebook application, web application and unique targeted content to increase fan engagement.

In their 2010 Q3 earnings report, Famous Dave’s referred to the “Wing Wars” campaign as a major success. Some key figures around the campaign were:
• The feedback surrounding the campaign was overwhelmingly positive. 4,496 voters submitted their support for their favorite wing and sauce type over 6 weeks.
• Both sauces and the new style of wing were so well received by voters that Famous Dave’s permanently added them to their menu.
The average per-person ticket price increased 17% from $13.95 to $14.74 and was attributed directly to the Wing Wars campaign in their 2010 Q3 earnings report.


Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. Here are the results for this campaign:

Client: Famous Daves
Format: Brand Awareness / Social Media Marketing
Results: Increase in brand sentiment, new product introduction