#DearSanta2016: Spreading Good Tidings & Gifts via Social Media

What Is #DearSanta2016?

Our team at SMCpros loves the holidays!  This year we are once again asking for your help in joining our annual holiday goodwill with #DearSanta2016.

#DearSanta2016 is where individuals and families can submit what they want for Christmas and why or nominate other persons or families that deserve something for Christmas; this works for particular gifts or general suggestions.

All suggestions will be considered as long as they use the hashtag “#DearSanta2016” on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network.

12 lucky winners will be selected from the nominations, their gifts will be purchased and given out between December 10th-22nd. With your assistance, we can help bring holiday joy to people who are expecting none.

When is the Deadline to Submit a Nomination?

The 12 winners will be chosen daily from December 10th-22nd. However, the nominations will start to be accepted on December 1st, 2016.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone is welcome to submit a nomination. We do not accept self-nominations, and ideally you should be looking to nominate and ask for a specific gift for someone or a group in need this holiday season.

What Types of Gifts Should I Suggest?

We will select gift nominations in the ranges of $100 – $500, so yes if you’d like to nominate your friend to get a new iPad because the one they have has a cracked screen that’s technically something that we could consider (however, I’ll tell you right now we don’t have much sympathy for your friend).

The best candidates should tell us a heartwarming holiday story about why the person or people that you are nominating deserve to be selected for our #DearSanta2016 gifts.

Want to Partner With Us?

Ideally, we will partner with 12 companies, marketing agencies preferably, that will sponsor one of our 12 days of gift giving and help us purchase our gifts. There will be 3 tiers; the tier will determine the order of the sponsors on our promotional materials.

$100 – Elf Level
$250 – Reindeer Level
$500 – Santa Level

Help us share the magic of giving. Contact Gary Stockert for more information or to pledge your sponsorship.

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