Social Media Commandment: To Thine Own Brand Be True



Take a look at some of your favorite branding examples. What is it that makes them memorable? How are they portrayed across different media channels? Does it’s branding stay true and consistent wherever it can be found? With the wide variety of social channels causing changes to many aspects of how brands promote and advertise themselves, some businesses now believe that the rules of branding consistency have changed as well. In fact, a recent Branding Forward survey revealed that

73% majority of marketers believe that “the days of strategic consistency are over; it’s all about inspiration and engagement.”

Really? Inspiration and engagement are a huge key to social business success, but has social media really changed even the way that consumers expect to view their brands?

Although the task of staying consistent across channels has most definitely become more difficult, research shows that businesses with well-managed, consistent brands are worth up to 20% more than those who aren’t. Once a brand loses consistency in how it is presented, it also loses its personality and identity that people can relate to. The branding is the essence of which it is made recognizable.  It helps business differentiate themselves, making them stand out in customers’ minds. The logos, colors, voice, and taglines are what people remember and hang on to. When a brand meets customer expectations in who they are, they can drive more authority and trust in their business, which also drives higher customer loyalty.

There you have it. Although the world we live in and the expectations of that world are ever changing, customers still expect brands to stay consistent, no matter where they are being promoted. Do you want to remain memorable in your consumers minds? Stay true to your customers, and to yourself to effectively deliver your key messages. Find out how SMCpros can help you draft up a strategic plan to ensure that your brand stays true across all of your social media channels:

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