6 Things to Remember When Using Social Media for Business

Confused by Social Media? Here are 6 tips to utilize Social Media for business with confidence and ease:

1. All audiences are different.

You shouldn’t assume yours’ will behave exactly like someone else’s. It takes expertise and research to develop a complete social strategy.

2. A social strategy, like any strategy, should be created with specific objectives in mind.

Otherwise you aren’t utilizing your social media; you simply are on social media.

3. All objectives should be actionable and tracked using analytics and social monitoring tools.

If you can’t track what you’re trying to do, how can you know you’re doing it? Also, if there’s no analytics to drill into for insight, there’s no way to improve your efforts.

4. No matter what you are doing with online media, you will always have 3 phases to get through- DISCOVER, DEVELOP, DELIVER.

You will always want to research and optimize your page, grow your following, and then focus on converting on your objectives. Without content and consistent posting, you will have a hard time building your following. Without a fan base it is very difficult to convert on your objectives. 

5. No campaign on social media has guaranteed results.

The truth is, anyone that tells you differently is either over-confident or lying.  But by drawing insights from analytics and social monitoring tools and adjusting your strategy based on those insights, you can be confident you are on moving toward attaining your social media goals.

6. To fully utilize social media, you must think of it as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Without integrating your marketing efforts you are missing out on value. The more touch points you can create with your customers, the better. 


If you’re looking for more information on social channels and online tools, and some tips for each, feel free to download our free Social Media Encyclopedia here.

For information on how we can help you or your business utilize social media give us a call at 952-252-5172. 

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  1. The 5th point is must to remember. People get annoyed when they see undesirable results or when it takes too long to show up the results. As such, the 5th mentioned here is to be kept in mind. Obviously, social media marketing is a very unpredictive. You need to keep patience and keep on doing experiments.

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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