Facebook’s Major Announcement: Ads get a facelift

Facebook will be releasing new advertising capabilities for Facebook Page owners that includes Page Post Targeting and Ad Targeting by Email or Phone Number. Why does this matter? With Facebook’s new ability to target your core audience, you’ll receive more valuable impressions that resonate. Here’s why:

Page Post Targeting

What it means: Facebook is going to allow brands to tailor their messages to specific audiences. (A business could describe something as “ridic” to teens or “astounding” to adults. When you speak the language of your customers, you’re more likely to capture their attention and attain the sale.)

When does it go live: A small percentage of Page Admins have access and over the next few weeks, it will become available to all brand pages. A few of SMCpros’ clients have early access so we thought we’d share a sneak peak of what it’ll look like:

Facebook changes screenshot


 Ad Targeting by Email and Phone Number

 What it means: In the next week or two Facebook will allow Page owners to upload a database of emails and/or phone numbers and target them with Facebook Ads. This is great news because you can direct ads at people that are fans of your company, but not necessarily fans of your company on Facebook. (Meaning, they no  longer have to “like” your page for you to advertise to them!)


The best part: It’s safe! The data that is uploaded with be hashed so that Facebook does not have access to the emails or phone numbers.


How does it work? A Facebook user’s data will be hashed. After they are hashed, a list is created that matches Facebook users with the data you uploaded. From there you can advertise to these individuals.


Bottom Line

These features will be rolling out shortly, but you may not be able to access them yet. Both advertising options will be available to you in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about emerging features on any social media platform, please reach out to us here at SMCPros with questions. We’re happy to help.  



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