App Review: Mitsubishi Unpretentious

Now here’s an app that really understands what the people want: using a brand to bulldoze your friends.

Mitsubishi released new Facebook application that uses an algorithm to identify a user’s most pretentious Facebook friend, and then run him or her over with a 2013 Outlander Sport. The car is actually pretty cool, but the app concept is even better. 

William Gelner, executive creative director at 180LA, was the mastermind behind the campaign.

“For many, social media has become a way to brag or show off,” Gelner said to AdFreak. “From posting images of expensive meals or wine they’ve had to exotic vacations they’re on, this is an epidemic, and it’s running rampant. This is weird, considering the economic climate we’re in. Mitsubishi, a car with great design but at a more down-to-earth price, felt compelled to make a statement in-line with their brand ethos.”

I bet you’re thinking of one or even a few friends who fit this description, namely the girl who has 14 albums of her boyfriend’s dog, Chester. Then there’s you, who now has a chance to run these people over with a sassy and affordable SUV. What could be better?

 Facebook App Photo

The Mitsubishi Unpretentious App

Breakdown: 9/10 Stars

Functionality: The app completes the task with alarming accuracy and serves to quell the nerves.

Breakability: Failed to function 1/4 uses. Possibly due to subpar Internet connection.

Invasiveness: Allows privacy, does not post on user’s behalf, does not ask for too many permissions.

Usefulness: While the app doesn’t necessarily solve any problems or expedite tasks, its ingenuity trumps all.


Unpretentious: 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Commercial

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