GM Pulls Facebook Ad Money, Should I?

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard many clients, prospects and agency partners ask the same question.  The question even came up in a recent Fox 9 TV interview. So I thought it would make sense to address it in a blog.

Let’s start with the most important part of this question, should you pull your Facebook Ad campaign because one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers did? Well realistically, that answer really shouldn’t have anything to do with GM to begin with. My point is, you are asking the wrong question.  Marketing with a “follow the leader” mentality has never proved to promote growth, only sustaining market share.  So to make advertising decisions based on what other marketers are doing, or not doing, is only the beginning of the question.  The more important question should be, can my content and ad campaign produce the results my business needs to achieve its goals.  So what are those goals?  If it isn’t to sell more cars than modeling your marketing after an auto giant isn’t really a good idea.

Ultimately, my belief is that any media purchased the right way can deliver results.  You wouldn’t stop doing direct mail because GM did would you?  Why should your marketing choices be any different when it comes to social media?  Marketing with Facebook ads isn’t a guaranteed way to results; neither is TV, Radio or magazines.  However all of these media choices are still in business for a reason, and that reason is demand.  Demand for different types of media will always be changing, and consumer habits of engaging with different media are more diverse than ever.  So the proper question is whether or not Facebook ads are right for your particular business and market, not whether it is working for someone else.

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