True Life: Social Media Landed Me a Job

There are still some people out there who think that social media does not matter for themselves or for business. They say that without any measurable or noticeable effect, you cannot call something a success.

Well, first of all, that is false. With Google Analytics and other measuring tools, companies can see and measure results. Plus, social media has taken customer service to a whole new level. And secondly, I have one real life experience that proves them wrong as well.

FourSquare (and social media) single-handedly landed me my current job.

While I was working on finishing up my last few weeks of school in my junior year at the U of M, I was searching for summer jobs and becoming more and more interested in social media. Throughout the year and mostly that semester I had been becoming acclimated to checking in via FourSquare at Coffman Memorial Union, Hanson Hall, and my apartment building.  I was tweeting more and had just recently started a blog on tumblr.

The only thing I knew about my apartment neighbors (and their social presence) is that someone named Tyler O. was mayor (the person with the most check-ins) of my apartment. Little did I know, but my future boss was living almost directly below my current apartment.

I continued to check-in consistently throughout the next few weeks (hell bent on overtaking the mayorship – of course) and as summer was fast approaching with no job lined up, I was slowly starting to panic.  Finally, the day came where I had done it! I had finally taken the mayorship that I so coveted. I tweeted about my triumphant rise to power and victory was mine! As I did a victory dance in my apartment kitchen with my curious roommate laughing and inquiring as to the source of my joy, I received a notification “beep” on my Droid.

Intrigued, I checked my phone to see that this Tyler O. character had replied to my tweet and his political downfall. He was upset, of course, at the loss of his mayorship and vowed to get it back! Quickly browsing his Twitter Profile, I saw that he just happened to be the CEO at a certain social media agency (SMCpros).

Thinking that this was some stroke of luck, and riding the wave of excitement, I decided to push my luck even further. I told Tyler that I would give back the mayorship on one condition: if he offered me a job.

I got the job after two interviews that were literally just downstairs. Needless to say, social media has had a major impact on my life and can definitely yield measurable  results. I now have a great job and have met many new connections and friends because of FourSquare and Twitter. I have been working for the SMCpros team now for four months and I’m excited to see what the future will hold for me and for social media.

Do you have any interesting social media stories worth sharing?


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  1. This truly is an awesome story! I came across this post because I’m using HootSuite to watch #SocialMedia within 50 miles of Saint Paul and saw your tweet. I have recently become really intrigued with Social Media and the amazing possibilities it has for business and life in general.

    I recently received my HootSuite Professional certification and my Inbound Marketing certification through HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing University.

    This is the first I’ve heard of smcpros but from what I’ve read on the site so far it sounds like a sweet place to work. I’m definitely submitting my resume!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] Turns out the friendly mayorship rivalry was with a CEO of a social media agency Chad was interested in working for.  When Chad realized his stroke of luck, he used the mayorship as a bargaining piece for a job offer.  After two interviews, he got the job.  His story just goes to show that it’s not just about using social media but being able to spot an opportunity as it presents itself and making the most of it.  Read more from Chad on landing his job via FourSquare. […]

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