Answers to Google+ FAQ’s

What is a Field Trial exactly?

Google has been testing Google+ extensively, and have continuously iterated the product based on internal feedback. They’re now ready to gradually open the Google

Why a Field Trial first?

The goal of the field trial is to see how Google+ works outside of Google’s walls. They are planning on gathering user feedback and working quickly to improve the product before publicly launching it.

How can I get into the Field Trial?

Unfortunately, you can only join the Field Trial by invitation. If you receive an invitation in your email, you were nominated to be part of the Google+ Field Trial. Friends can be invited by sharing a post with their Gmail address, and thus, inviting them to join.

Who is in the Field Trial?

See above answer.

How long will the Field Trial last?

How long the testing phase lasts, and how the product evolves, will really depend on how it goes. Google does not have a set amount of time.

What does it mean to Hangout?

Hangout is a group video chat. You can hang out with up to ten people at once. You can also only invite select people, like those in your Circle of colleagues or family members.

What’s a Circle?

A Circle is a custom group of friends. You can put people you know or are interested in into one or more Circles – friends, family, clients or whatever you want. You can share things publicly, to specific Circles, or even extended Circles (People in your connections’ Circles).

How does Sparks work?

A Spark is a topic you follow. Interesting and new info will be shown to you based on the topic you choose.

What does Google Plus do?

It’s a social network, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a video chat application, like Skype. It’s a feed to show what you’re interested in, like Tumblr in a sense, but more like an RSS feed of news alerts. It allows for things to be shared with a small, select group of people, like Path. You can check in, like Foursquare. Plus, other cool stuff!

How does Instant Upload work?

Once you take a photo on your mobile device, it is instantly (except for iPhones) uploaded to your Google+ Profile. Then, you can choose whether or not to share it.

What’s a Huddle?

Group chat designed to work with your Circles.

How do I invite my friends to Google+?

Click on share, add their Gmail address for who to share your content with and then click “Share”, once they get the email, they should go to and sign up!

What about Blackberry?

Google Plus is not entirely functional and compatible with Blackberry mobile devices at the moment since they had a nasty bug and it is still in a Field Trial.

What about the Palm Pre?

Google Plus is not able to be utilized on the Palm Pre at the time of this writing.

Does G+ interact with Google Docs? Can you send and share documents within Google+?

G Docs does not interact with G+ yet. You cannot send and share documents at this time, but will hopefully be able to integrate the two in the future (i.e. collaborative docs and published Google Docs on G+).

Can you export your contacts (Circles) like you can on LinkedIn?

It is possible to export contacts TO Google Plus but it is not possible to export contacts FROM Google Plus yet!

Is there product tagging in G+ like Facebook has now?

Certain companies and every person can be tagged at this point in the development of Google Plus, but products cannot be.

In terms of SEO and SEM, how does +1 interact with G+?

SEO and SEM are affected only by +1’s from members of your circles. +1’s from members of your circles appear next to related search topics that they have previously +1’d. A +1 from a Google+ acquaintance to your site will make your site rise in your acquaintances’ Google search ranking. In other words, your site will appear higher on their list of search results, because you publicly +1’d your website.

Are they able to remove the Spark if they do not want this on their feed?

Sparks can be removed/added at any point in time.

Do Sparks emulate a Twitter feed like on TweetDeck?

They are similar to TweetDeck.

How do I add +1 to my website?

To place a +1 button on your website, go here:

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