Baby’s First Birthday, Baby’s First Tooth, and Baby’s First URL?!

Expectant mother: “What do you think of Alexander or Alexis?”
Expectant father: “I like both, but it might be too common. Let’s check the domain availability first, then decide.”

Imagine a world where, instead of starting a savings bond for their unborn grandchild, proud grandparents purchase a domain name. Or where parents choose names based on available URLs and social media handles.

Well, thanks to sites such as, that world can be a reality, for the low price of $8.95/year.

Babies are now provided the opportunity to reserve a domain name while still in the womb, which will (hopefully) ensure them a secure financial future and a steadily growing online presence.

This is not a new idea though. There have been numerous articles and videos posted on the subject. There was an article posted on back in August 2007 and a quick segment from Katie Couric’s “Notebook” on CBS in September 2007.

Blogger Deborah Sweeney quoted Richard L. Evans saying, “Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.” in her May 26, 2011 post. Sweeney then goes on to say, “This is true. However, I’m fairly certain that if you bestowed unto them the Google domain, they’d be hard-pressed to forget that.”

What do you think? Is purchasing and reserving a baby domain name worthwhile? And is it becoming a necessity?

Watch this video!



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