Google Instant – Redefining “real time”

Google recently came out with its new search enhancement that takes the technology of search engine to a whole new dimension. Google now loads your search, as you search. According to Google, Instant can save you up to 5 seconds per search totalling an estimated time saved per search users on a global level of about 11 hours per second. This function has started rolling out to users within the US and will continue over the next several months to other countries as well as mobiles.

We all know how difficult it can be at times when searching for specific keywords and initiating research. Google along with other search engines have previously made recommendations based on what you type in the search field and based on that showed it as a suggestion in a drop down. However, with Instant, you do not need to finish typing nor do you need to press enter. You keep typing until Instant tells you what you are looking for! It predicts and steers you in the right direction which helps you formulate better search terms as you type.  How much easier does that make your life?

Of course there is always a downside to anything. Yes, it’s true that Google Instant will give you incorrect results at times, especially while typing in the first few characters. It really depends on the type of search you are running and is based on how common the search is. F for instance will automatically pull up Facebook for you, while if you are searching for McDonalds, typing in M will pull up a few other common words before suggesting McDonalds. Looking at the overview of it though, it is exceptionally handy in comparison to what was currently available to us.

I personally have found it to be efficient and powerful when researching. It definitely will take me a moment to go back and use rather than typing my search query directly into my browser address bar. But that is a change I am willing to make. As a starting point, I believe that Google has once again introduced a new level of search that will continue to expand over the coming years and will change how we use the internet. The instant feedback I get has helped tremendously and steered me in the right direction on numerous occasions.

I’m curious to know how beneficial (or not) Google Instant has been for you.

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