Google Unveils Awesome New Multi Login Feature

Google this past week released another great update that frequent Gmail/Google Account fanatics such as myself [and or] users may find incredibly handy. The first update allows you the option to be signed in on up to three Google Accounts at the same time within the same browser.

The clear advantage to this is that you no longer have to sign in and out of your Calendar or Email if you have multiple Google accounts that you constantly need to check. Changing accounts with this feature enabled is as easy as selecting a drop down link  on your address in the top right corner (as shown in the below) .

Not all Google Account applications currently support this feature, but it’s worth a look if you’re a frequent user of Gmail, Google Calendar, Code, Reader, Sites, or Voice.

Here’s how you can implement this feature for your own Google Account:

Step 1: Log in to your primary Google Account (i.e. Gmail, Google Calendar)
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: This link will bring you to the page shown below (from here it’s fairly self explanatory)

One thing to note before implementing this feature is that whichever Google Account you sign in to will be considered your “default” account. Make sure you sign in to your most frequently used account when enabling  if you want it to be the default.

Also in similar news, earlier today Google unrolled a slightly new look and updated features for Gmail. These updates now make Gmail easier to navigate as well as make sorting contacts a lot simpler. Your comments are welcome below.

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