Google & Bing score big with social media integration

Screen shot 2009-10-22 at 2.33.26 PMNews is still coming out but yesterday both Google and Bing broke the news they have secured deals to provide real time search results utilizing social media. Bing the newer search engine owned and developed by juggernaut Microsoft has been climbing uphill to gain traction from Google. Bing was the first to announce the deal which gave the impression that Bing might finally have the upper hand against Google. Bing’s announcement included not just Twitter but also Facebook integration. Beta trials featuring Twitter status updates were introduced yesterday while a full blown integration will follow later including Facebook status updates and such to be included in searches. Google’s announcement came a little after Bing’s which did not give Bing much time in the spot light and definitely spoiled the upper hand they might have had. That said Google’s announcement only included the integration of Twitter and the notable absence of Facebook integration. I would say that does not necessary mean much because most people’s Facebook status’s are protected unless you are friends with them thus they would not be search able anyways.logo

The Twitter thing is huge. News happens real time and people see it and tweet it instantly. If you want to search for how that new movie is that just premiered at midnight you will end up finding peoples tweets on Google and Bing now. This is truly handy. News will happen before it can even hit the TV in some cases. This truly is the beginning of the floodgates being opened to the social highway and news flowing everywhere.

Another aspect of this situation is Twitters cash flow situation. There have been many rumors as to how Twitter was going to make money and now this is just the start. Rumor has it the deals have brought in over $100 million for the bank account. This is no small sum for a company that last week was not making money.

I am sure this is just the start to this sort of thing and even further I am sure other forms of monetization will be coming to Twitter soon.

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